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Would you buy a used car from this guy?  Wouldn't blame you if you said, "No!"
  I am Tyler "Jim" Winner and I have decided to start a non-blog blog.  Seriously, I have a few ideas I want to share with you.  One is a real ground floor opportunity. 
  At first I was hella skeptical, but then I worked the numbers and it's not ponzi or scam crap.  It works on it's own.  Anyway, I'll get my tank full and LYK my opinion.  I love my opinion.  Giving it, that is.  If I get enough mail, I will start up a real blog.  For now I'll keep it easy for all of us.
  The links to join FillerUpClub take you to that site.  I'll get credit if you join up but as you can see it's not a giant money-maker, it's a giant money saver.  Unlike other discount programs FillerUpClub focuses on one highly consumable product--gasoline, so if you join, you'll use the membership.  Click the  banner on top or at the bottom of the blurb below.
  Online Dating is a nightmare for some, but can be real bliss if you know what you are doing.  Check out my newest book Online Dating Bliss.  30-day money back guarantee if this did not help you in a real way!

What is the FillerUpClub

The FillerUpClub is a membership-driven organization that combines the consumer power of our membership to buy commodity futures and futures options on gasoline. We hedge against future gas prices at less per gallon in the same way manner as Airlines and Trucking Companies.  In this fashion, we are able to pass the savings on to our members through a method of vouchers and rebates.

The FillerUpClub is also an optional Business Opportunity

The FillerUpClub is also features an optional unique home-based business opportunity with unlimited income potential. You do not have to participate in this business opportunity aspect of the FillerUpClub if you do not want.  But if you do want to not only SAVE money with your membership, but MAKE money with it too, then you can earn from $1 to hundreds of dollars each month simply by inviting other people to join the Club!  Each time someone enrolls in your 5 x 10 forced matrix, you earn a monthly commission! It is that easy!

There's no selling or cold calling. Our system does almost all the work for you! Simply invite prospects to visit the FillerUpclub, or leave business cards (which we send to you in the mail each month) wherever you go, and whenever a prospect enrolls as a member using your referral ID, we immediately add that person to your organization.

Finally! You can give people something they really want and need!

Here's a question.  Do you always get what you pay for?
Another question.  Are the best things in life really free?  Is free really free?  Enough questions
.  Let me try to provide some answers.  Sign up for my notifications, and I'll send you a gift.  NO cost, mailings are weekly and you can leave the notifications queue at one mouse click.
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